Plumber & Solar Heater Technician

Learning Outcome of the Course

By the end of the course, trainees will have following competencies and skills. · Identify the skills needed to use plumbing tools on the common types of plumbing and piping systems, as well as the applicable codes, standards, and licensing procedures

·     Select and use the proper tools for various tasks, perform computations, interpret architectural drawings, disinfect water, use plumbing valves and meters, and differentiate the installation procedures for the types of heating systems

·     Describe the basics of plumbing system design, calculating required pipe lengths and system dimensions, scheduling work, installing DWV and supply piping, system testing, and doing finish work

·     Identify equipment and methods for working with specialized plumbing systems, doing service work, and performing calculations

·     Outline how to remove old fixtures, choose and install new fixtures, and repair fixtures

·     Explain the fundamentals of drawings and fluid-power diagrams and the assembly of piping and accessories. · Identify the local, state, and national codes required for compliance in the design, installation, and repair of plumbing systems

·     To diagram a plumbing schema of a solar water heater

·     Demonstrating a technical concept of solar water heating

·     Shade mapping and solar siting of solar water heating system

Mandatory focus on

·     Learn and enhance communication skills

·     Character building

·     Professional attitude

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