Industrial Electrician

Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course the trainees will be able to have following competencies and skills.

·     Practice safe working methods on electrical systems.

·     Understand the relevant regulative requirements.

·     Demonstrate an understanding of electrical principles and units.

·     Identify a wide range of electrical equipment & devices and understand their principles of operation / connections.

·     Demonstrate an understanding of electrical systems, switchgear and circuit types.

·     Diagnose basic faults and recognize their associated symptoms

·     Work with a range of cable types and carry out correct terminations and connections.

·     Recognition practically about Armed Cables, Hard cables, Flexible cable, VIR cable.

·     Recognize the most common industrial motor types and understand their operation, connections and maintenance requirements.

·     Demonstrate an understanding of Automatic star delta starter.

 ·     Use electrical test equipment effectively and carry out testing of a range of motors, solenoids, cables, etc. (using insulation, continuity, tong testers, etc.) · Identify motor and power circuit faults.

·     Use circuit diagrams as an aid to maintenance.

·     Read out and identify electrical drawings and symbols.

·     Access electrical enclosures and replace fuses, reset overloads, etc.

·     Perform electrical isolation, testing for dead, etc. on a wide range of devices and circuits safely.

·     Understand the principles of earthing / protection and associated protective devices.

Mandatory focus on

·     Learn and enhance communication skills

·     Character building

·     Professional attitude

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