Digital Marketing & Call Center Operators

Learning Outcomes of the course

After completing this course, students should be able to:

·     Understand the social media foundations

·     Be able to fully audit social media of any entity

·     Understand how to set up a simple yet powerful marketing strategy for your eCommerce or any other business online

·     Understand Buyer Journey and using it Get Sales in Your Business

·     Use advanced features of the most popular social networks

·     Understand the basics of various Social Media Platforms

·     In-depth knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

·     Optimize the social media pages including Facebook, LinkedIn profile

·     Learn the power of Instagram

·     Use Google Business to benefit your local business and help your Search Engine Optimization.

·     In-depth hands-on Google Ads

·     Understand the fundamentals of content marketing

·     Use Web 2.0 blogs to further expand your reach with SEO and content marketing.

·     Understand the Power of Social Media Communities and use in Brand Building

·     Create highly optimized and high-quality paid ads.

Mandatory focus on

·     Learn and enhance communication skills

·     Character building

·     Professional attitude

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