Auto & EV Mechanic

Learning Outcomes of the course

At the end of the course, the trainee shall attain the following competencies.

·     Diagnose, repair and maintain by skills and knowledge gained through training and experience any of the working parts of Automobiles as well as the various components of auto industrial equipment.

·     Use, competently, both hand and power tools in order to carry out repairs according to manufacturer’s specifications.

·     Read and understand work orders, prepare estimates, and interpret technical manuals

·     Write service reports, diagnose the cause of failures and keep service analysis records.

·      When fully competent in all phases of general repairs, a Heavy Equipment Technician may specialize in any one of several areas of the trade such as, fuel pumps and injectors, track equipment, engine overhaul, controls, power shift transmissions and allied equipment.

·     Be familiar with the work in related trades such as Machinist and Welder

·     Identify basic electric vehicle technology

·     Be able to transform fuel based motorbike into an electric bike.

·     Perform assigned tasks in accordance with quality and production standards required by industry.

Mandatory focus on

·     Learn and enhance communication skills

·     Character building

·     Professional attitude

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