Director BanoQabil Altaf
Muhammad Altaf Sher
Director Bano Qabil & Secretary General Alkhidmat Foundation Islamabad

As-salaam alaikum!

As Director Bano Qabil, I feel privileged to invite you to our website and give you an overview of this ground-breaking initiative.

Alkhidmat Islamabad’s Bano Qabil initiative has its roots in Rebuild Islamabad, a socio-economic movement spearheaded by Mian Muhammad Aslam (Chairman Bano Qabil Islamabad) that aims to stem the decline and deterioration of Pakistan’s leading city, Islamabad, as a result of long years of governmental apathy and neglect.

In its quest to resolve one of the most pressing problems – unemployment – Alkhidmat’s management has devised ‘Bano Qabil’, a unique, amazing and first-of-its-kind program to provide 100% free, advanced, in-demand technical skills to thousands of young students, both boys and girls, with the aim of empowering them and providing them an opportunity to establish a rewarding career and achieve financial independence.

A revolutionary step for the citizens of this city, Bano Qabil is now a widely acknowledged and unprecedented success. With thousands having registered for the program’s accredited and technology-packed courses, and a projected post-course employment rate of 90% plus those who plan to freelance, Bano Qabil has far exceeded the wildest estimates of even its most optimistic well-wishers.

I invite you to proceed to learn more about this amazing, game-changing effort that promises to change the future of our great country!

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